About NIFU

The Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU) is an independent social science research institute, organized as a non-profit foundation. Director is Sveinung Skule.

NIFU aim to be a leading European research organization for studies of innovation, research and education at all levels.  We collect, analyses and disseminate national statistics and indicators for R&D and innovation, and are active participants in statistical cooperation at the European and international levels. Our research and statistics offer a solid base from which policy makers can develop integrated knowledge policies. Through our projects and events we aim to provide a vibrant meeting place for researchers, policymakers, the education and research sector and working life.

NIFU’s research is funded through research contracts for public and private clients, allocations from national and international research programs and a basic grant from the Norwegian Research Council.

The institute undertakes research and analysis for a number of Norwegian, Nordic and international agencies and organizations. Our clients include: the Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway, Norwegian ministries including Trade and Industry, Education and Research, Local Government and Regional Development, The European Union, The Nordic Council of Ministers, NordForsk, The OECD, and The Nordic Innovation Centre.

Our main research areas are:

  • Primary and secondary education
  • Higher education
  • Research and innovation
  • Statistics and indicators