Researchers at NIFU are organized within four areas: Primary & Secondary Education, Higher Education, Research & Innovation and Statistics & Indicators.

In addition to these, NIFU consists of a small administration.

Below is a complete list of NIFU employees by name, job title, email and phone. Please call directly to the individual researcher if you are interested in their professional activities.

Are you interested in vacancy, contact one of the research leaders in your field.

For press inquiries, please contact communications advisor Andreas Hardhaug Olsen, tel. +47 41 66 20 86

Can’t find what you are looking for? Call the switchboard: +47 22 59 51 00

Rune Borgan ReilingCay GjerustadSveinung SkuleFredrik Niclas PiroTeis HansenBjørn StensakerSiri Brorstad BorlaugKristin RogdeEster RønsenGunnar SivertsenMarco CapassoEven Hellan LarsenLiv Anne StørenKristoffer RørstadBo Sarpebakken
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