Linn Meidell Dybdahl

Research Assistant
  • Strategic and practical communication work
background / education
  • 2016: Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, NMBU
Professional interests
  • Sustainable business models
  • Social and green innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
Projects in progress
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(+47) 986 52 779 Research & Innovation
  • Other
  • Dybdahl, Linn Meidell (2018) Ser vi en økende interesse for sosialt entreprenørskap i Norge?. Forskningspolitikk. Volum 41, hefte 1
  • Dybdahl, Linn Meidell (2016) Policy interventions for sustainability transitions: Establishment of standards, certifications and labels for bio-based products. Nordic Research and Innovation Pathways towards a Circular Bio-economy NoRest Conference. Copenhagen University. Poster.
  • Viktorija, Viciunaite; Dybdahl, Linn Meidell; (2016) Local value chains, environmental and financial sustainability: is there a double dividend? Case studies of business models of local wool manufacturers in Norway. Nordic Ruralities: Crisis and Resilience. 4th Nordic Conference for Rural Research. University of Akureyri. Vitenskapelig foredrag.
  • Dybdahl, Linn Meidell (2016) SusValueWaste - Sustainable Value Creation Based on Organic Rest-products. Brosjyre.
  • Dybdahl, Linn Meidell (2015) Nettsider (opplysningsmateriale).