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Feb 9 2017

NIFU researchers Lisa Scordato, Markus Bugge and Arne Martin Fevolden have published «Directionality across diversity: governing contending policy rationales in the transition towards the bioeconomy» in Sustainability.

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Oct 7 2016

In 2013, 1.1 billion NOK (approx. €136m) was spent on educational research and development (R&D) in Norway. This implies a significant growth in the expenditure on educational R&D, from 548 million NOK (approx. €66m) in 2007, when resources for educational R&D in Norway were mapped for the first time.

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Oct 3 2016

NIFU researchers Dag W. Aksnes, Gunnar Sivertsen and Kaja K. Wendt have published the article «Measuring the productivity of national R&D systems: Challenges in cross-national comparisons of R&D input and publication output indicators» in Science and Public Policy.

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Sep 29 2016

NIFU researcher Dorothy S. Olsen has published «Are There Learning Agents in Innovative Firms? A Study of the Potential Role of Human Resource Managers in Learning and Innovation» in Journal of the Knowledge Economy.

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Aug 23 2016

Researchers at NIFU Nicoline Frølich and Mari Elken has contributed to report “Structural higher education reform - Design and evaluation“. Through 12 case studies, the study analyses how different types of system-level (or ‘landscape’) structural reforms in higher education have been designed and implemented in selected higher education systems.

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