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Aug 23 2016

Researchers at NIFU Nicoline Frølich and Mari Elken has contributed to report “Structural higher education reform - Design and evaluation“. Through 12 case studies, the study analyses how different types of system-level (or ‘landscape’) structural reforms in higher education have been designed and implemented in selected higher education systems.

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Jun 29 2016

A new comparative study identifies ways in which funding agencies harmonise their instruments and review criteria, while still allowing for substantial tailoring of funding schemes. The aim of the study was to provide background information to the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and their ongoing efforts aiming at improving efficiency, quality and transparency in their funding instruments and operations.

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Mar 29 2016

Mastere med innvandringsbakgrunn har i betydelige større grad ønsker om å arbeide med forskning og planer om å ta en Ph.D. enn mastere uten innvandringsbakgrunn.

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