Knowledge Regimes and Contradictions in Education Reforms

Article in Educational policy (Los Altos, Calif.), 2013. The article outlines a theoretical framework for understanding education policy and education reforms based on the concept of knowledge regimes. The concept refers to understandings and definitions of governance and procedural aspects, manners of governing and curriculum issues, thus it comprises contents, structures, and processes of education policy and governance. The article discusses how the concept may be helpful in understanding the complexity and ambiguity of education policy and development. The article argues that the concept of knowledge regimes enables us to gain a better understanding of education policy, the politics of education, and the political in education. Greater awareness of knowledge regimes can also help us to better understand both the circulation of national policy documents and technical and administrative plans, and the situation of those involved in education practice.

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Title Knowledge Regimes and Contradictions in Education Reforms
Category Academic article
AuthorPetter Aasen
AuthorTine Sophie Prøitz
AuthorNina Sandberg
publication year2014