Research Infrastructure for Research and Innovation Policy Studies

RISIS, which stands for «Research Infrastructure for Research and Innovation Policy Studies», is the result of an EU project (  As the name indicates, the RISIS infrastructure is designed to provide the research community with access to a set of databases and of empirical tools that can be used to support science, technology and innovation studies. To this end RISIS provides a space in which the researcher can access up till 13 datasets that cover a range of entities specifically universities and other public research organizations as well as populations of MNEs and fast-growing firms. The datasets include register information about firms and universities as well as complementary information (such as patent-, publication-, as well as some survey data). For example, firm information is linkable to R&D data (for MNEs) as well as to patent data; University information is linkable to data covering publication ranking (Leiden) as well as data about public financing of research projects (EUPRO). The infrastructure also provides a number of tools to help the researcher to link, organize and enrich data.

The researcher may use the infrastructure to access, select, build and treat data, depending on the research question. The intention of the infrastructure is to improve the quality and usability of these data, by developing new ontologies and user tools for searching, combining and downloading data. By developing software tools and platforms RISIS thus aims to support researcher workflows in a flexible manner.


prosjektlederPhilippe Laredo
medarbeiderePål Børing, Eric James Iversen, Lisa Scordato
prosjektperiode01.01.2013  -  31.12.2018
finansieringEU 7FP

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