Kaja Kathrine Wendt

Deputy Head of Research / senior adviser
  • R&D statistics in the higher education sector
  • The Norwegian Science and Technology report
  • Good knowledge of Germany and the German language after studies and work in the country
  • National statistical correspondent for the Helsinki Group on Women and Science
background / education
  • 1998-: Researcher/Senior Adviser at NIFU
  • 1996: Magister Artium at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. Fields of subject: political science, sociology and social anthropology
  • 1992: Basic courses, Political Science, University of Oslo
Professional interests
  • R&D statistics, especially in the higher education sector
  • Science and technology indicators
  • International research cooperation
  • Women and science
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(+47) 996 31 554 Statistics & Indicators
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