Stephan Daus

Senior Researcher
  • International large-scale assessments
  • Multilevel regression
  • Students’ opportunity to learn
  • Instructional sensitivity of assessments
background / education
  • 2014–2018: Doctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Educational Measurement (CEMO), University of Oslo
  • 2013–2014: Master in Social Statistics and Research Methods, University of Manchester
  • 2011–2012: Master in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • 2007–2010: Bachelor in Arabic, University of Bergen
Professional interests
  • Quantitative research methods
  • Psychometrics, item response theory, latent variables, and structural equation modelling
  • Science education
  • Digitalization
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(+47) 90 50 83 25 Higher Education
  • Academic Publications
  • Other
  • Daus, Stephan (2018) Out of tune: Can we hear a bas(i)s for Norway’s decision to move its tested populations one grade up in TIMSS?. International Test Commission 2018 conference. International Test Commission. Vitenskapelig foredrag.
  • Daus, Stephan; Stancel-Piatak, Agnes; Braeken, Johan; (2018) Instructional sensitivity of the TIMSS items and test to Norwegian science education instruction. Frontier Research in Educational Measurement. CEMO, UV, UiO. Poster.
  • Daus, Stephan; Braeken, Johan; (2017) Are TIMSS country scores and rankings sensitive to varying opportunities to learn?. International Meeting of the Psychometric Society 2017. Psychometric Society. Poster.
  • Daus, Stephan (2016) Diving deeper into 'opportunity to learn': Does the 'opportunity to learn'-effect depend upon the content learned and the teacher?. EARLI SIG 18 & 23 Joint conference 2016. Centre for Educational Measurement, Universitetet i Oslo. Vitenskapelig foredrag.
  • Daus, Stephan (2016) Explaining Difficulties in Large-Scale Assessments: Digging deeper into factors influencing the difficulty of content groups in TIMSS.. ESERA Summer School 2016. ESERA. Poster.
  • Daus, Stephan (2016) Exploring Science Content Knowledge: Science Difficulties for Norwegian Pupils in TIMSS. Berlin-Oslo Symposium on Competence Research in the 21st Century: Perspectives and Challenges. Freie Universität Berlin. Vitenskapelig foredrag.
  • Daus, Stephan (2015) Explanatory Item Response Theory in Large-Scale Science Assessments. 5th EERA Spring School on Advanced Methods in Educational Research. EERA. Vitenskapelig foredrag.
  • Daus, Stephan; Nilsen, Trude; Braeken, Johan; (2015) Explaining Item Difficulty Heterogeneity Across Content Groups with Curricular Coverage. IMPS 2015. Psychometric Society. Poster.