Tone Cecilie Carlsten

  • Research education: Fundamental questions in education and systematic pedagogy (scientific discipline formulating coherent accounts of that which contributes to learning in general); general didactics (theories and practices of learning often attributed to specific institutions); Norwegian, German and US educational history and - philosophy, curriculum history and reform evaluations.
  • Main research interest: Studies of relationships between strategic leadership of valuebased and value-conscious professional practices, learning experiences of employees and their perceptions of relevance of educational offerings, primarily within organizations I know through own theoretical and practical work, including leadership experience (Schools, Armed Forces, Church).
  • Main research experience: 15 years of experience with policy evaluations, strategy evaluations, identification of competence needs and development of strategic competence leadership in the workplace. Specific expertise in developing knowledge bases with-, and guide leaders in organizations within processes of structural changes in need of new strategic work.
  • Methodological competence: 15 years of experience with international comparative studies, mixed methods studies with a main focus on qualitative methods, including video observations and interviews with a narrative approach. Several years of experience with methodic cooperation on contract research across all of NIFU's research areas
background / education
  • 2006 – : Researcher NIFU, Higher Education, Primary and Secondary Education
  • 2008–2012: PhD candidate, Teacher Research, U of Oslo and Stanford University
  • 2005: Cand. Polit. Curriculum Research, U of Oslo and University of Illinois UC
  • 1996: Cand. Mag. Teacher Ed, Telemark University C and University of Illinois UC
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