Higher Education

Nicoline Frølich leads this research area. The area includes a wide range of topics relevant for higher education in Norway and abroad. Key research themes are focused on universities and university colleges, their core activities, organisation and leadership, as well as students and staff in higher education.

Higher education institutions have a central and multifaceted role in modern knowledge societies. They provide graduates for the labour market, but also have an important function as social and cultural institutions in the society, while at the same time also providing new knowledge that can contribute to innovation and economic growth. These developments increasingly take place in a context increased globalisation and internationalisation. NIFUs research in this area is placed in a wider context of knowledge policies for education and research. Our aim is to provide knowledge for and about a higher education sector that has increased focus on quality and relevance.

Projects at NIFU have focus on multiple topics, including governance, policy and reform initiatives, student recruitment and dropout, study programme selection, graduate employability, as well as themes related to academic work, staff recruitment and working conditions.

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