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Feb 13 2019

Based on the OECD survey PIAAC, several NIFU researchers have published articles in the latest special issue of International Journal of Lifelong Education about work-related training and workplace learning.

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Feb 12 2019

Citations are increasingly used as performance indicators in research policy and within the research system. In a new article it is argued that citations reflect aspects related to scientific impact but not to other key dimensions of research quality.

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Nov 27 2018

The effect of a reduced pupil-teacher ratio has mainly been investigated as that of reduced class size, but there are other methods of reducing the ratio. One alternative approach is to deploy additional teachers in selected subjects.

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Oct 3 2018

Despite international and domestic reforms in higher education in the past decades, results indicate a gap between macro-level policy-making and its implementation at micro-level.

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Sep 3 2018

Between 2000 and 2015, Norway has experienced a large increase in the number of international students compared with many other countries. This may seem paradoxical considering that Norway is a country with few well-known universities, a high cost of living, and a geographical location on the northern fringe of Europe.

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