Nov 8 2017

High completion in continuing education program in math

This evaluation highlights different aspects of the MatematikkMOOC continuing education provision across two levels: the
management level and the user level.

The report presents results of a formative evaluation of the continuing education provision offered by MatematikkMOOC (Mathematics MOOC), which was conducted in the programme’s first year of operation (2015-2016).

The social goal of MatematikkMOOC was to develop a cost-effective model for the large-scale continuing education and training of teachers in primary and secondary education and training, in addition to evaluating the potential for applying a similar model to other disciplines.

The evaluation also features recommendations and an evaluation of different funding models.

Some of the recommendations:

• The pilot project of the MatematikkMOOC continuing education provision was organised as a three-part co-operation between two teacher training departments and one external
government, agency-appointed competence centre. We note that this work has been innovative and demanding but feasible.

•  We recommend that video meetings be structured differently. These functioned only partly satisfactorily as an arena for academic discussions. We recommend that smaller groups hold their own video meetings without supervisors so that all participants feel more compelled to contribute to discussions.

• Based on what we have learnt from closely following students and educational institutions over the course of one academic year, we believe that there are grounds for changing how supervision is organised. A large number of supervisors working only on a part-time basis do contribute to there being a fragmented understanding of the supervisory task. Organisationally, we therefore recommend reducing the number of supervisors and giving each supervisor responsibility for two or more study groups.

Read the report in English here.

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