Aug 25 2017

NIFU seminar September 18th: RCT – a method for education policy research

NIFU invites you to a breakfast seminar on randomised, controlled trials in education research, and how authorities may use research based on this method for policy-making.

Place: NIFU, Tøyen (Økernveien 9)
Time: September 18th 2017, 08.15-10.30 AM

The seminar will be held in English.


08:15: Sandwiches and coffee

08:30: What are RCTs, and what kinds of questions can they answer? Astrid Marie Jorde Sandsør, senior researcher, NIFU

08:45: NIFU’s experience with RCTs

In search for the best intervention: Experiences from “Absenteeism in Northern Norway“, Robin Ulriksen, senior researcher, NIFU

Working out an optimal research design: Experiences from “A team around the student”, Martin Flatø, senior researcher, NIFU

Implementation and data collection: Experiences from “The 1+1 project”, Astrid Marie Jorde Sandsør, senior researcher, NIFU

09:15: “Making RCTs part of the education policy landscape: Lessons from England“, Julie Belanger, research leader, RAND and Alex Sutherland, research leader, RAND

10:00: Discussion

10:30: Programme ends

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For more information, contact
Huan Than
(+47) 960 94 035