May 16 2018

Governance models at Norwegian higher education institutions

Change between different types of internal governance models for higher education have little impact on strategic processes.

Research professor Nicoline Frølich (NIFU) and professor Bjørn Stensaker (NIFU/University of Oslo), along with professor Tom Christensen at the University of Oslo, have published an article in Public Policy and Administration in which they suggest that the choice of internal governance models have little impact on the design and organization of strategic processes.

The article includes an analysis of eight Norwegian institutions, four universities and four colleges, which have two different internal governance models. Four of them have chosen a governance structure with an external chairman, and a rector appointed by the board. The other four institutions have chosen to maintain the traditional model in Norwegian higher education with an elected rector who also takes up the position of chairman of the board. The findings from the analysis suggest that internal governance models have little impact in the design and organization of strategic processes. It seems that changes in internal governance models and arrangements are not enough to drive transformation in higher educational institutions.

The article is available here: “Strengthening the strategic capacity of public universities: The role of internal governance models”.

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