Jan 15 2018

– Use local capabilities in green restructuring

The economic restructuring of Norway must take into account the local capabilities of each Norwegian region, both in terms of knowledge and of physical resources.

A new NIFU study explores research avenues that can help policymakers to assess regional capabilities for “green” economic restructuring. After reviewing the relevant literature, and envisioning research paths which consider both market transactions and externalities, the researchers propose possible ways to translate past research findings into novel statistical tools.

Our empirical point of departure is the “skill relatedness” among economic sectors in Norway, as inferred from intersectoral labour flows (years 2008-2014). Then, on the basis of the industrial composition in each of the 161 Norwegian labour market areas, candidate regions that could benefit most from targeted “green” policies are brought forward.

NIFU Working Paper 2017:15

For more information, contact:
Marco Capasso, Senior Researcher, Research & Innovation
(+47) 918 24 452