Jan 4 2013

Well-functioning system for applied research

The Norwegian model for applied research provides good results. But it is also facing several challenges, especially when it comes to the need for renewal of Norwegian industry.

Norway has an applied research system with many actors and an open market for research services. According to a new report from NIFU, which is based on a comprehensive comparison of research systems in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands.

The report confirms that the research institutes play a relatively large role in the Norwegian system, and that the Norwegian system works well when it comes to collaboration patterns and relevance to users. Innovation data shows that the research is relatively frequent innovation partners for Norwegian companies.

The report also other challenges for Norwegian research. In particular, it appears that researchers should have greater room to secure the renewal of Norwegian industry. Also emphasized the need to do research system equipped to meet the major social challenges.

– In the whole, the Norwegian model gives good results, both in terms of scientific publications, citations, cooperation and internationalization. But we see a need for the suppliers of applied research are given space to contribute to the renewal and not only directed towards today’s knowledge needs, says Espen Solberg, a researcher at NIFU.

The report also identifies a potential for Norwegian research increasingly targeting needs and users outside the country.

The report was commissioned by the Ministry and will serve as the basis for the Ministry’s work in the forthcoming research report. NIFU report builds on a partnership with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and the Danish Centre for Research Analysis (CFA) at the University of Aarhus.

NIFU-rapport 46-2012

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