4. February 2013

Norwegian entrepreneurship at the top in the Nordic countries

Norway has the highest number of young, fast-growing companies in the Nordic countries. Norway also have the highest proportion of startup companies. However, Norway as a whole has the poorest conditions for entrepreneurship in the region. This results from the survey Nordic Growth Entrepreneurship Review as seen on growth in employment among Nordic companies in the three-year period 2007-2009.
30. January 2013

Comparison of productivity across fields

NIFU researchers Fredrik Niclas Piro, Dag W. Aksnes and Kristoffer Rørstad have written a journal article where research productivity compared across subject areas, academic position, age and gender. Within each subject area are also studied variations in scientific position, age and gender.
25. January 2013

Learning and innovation in the workplace

NIFU has invited participants from business and government to join academic researchers in a workshop to discuss the relationship between learning at work the ability to develop new products and services, i.e. innovate.
23. January 2013

Asian companies are extroverted winners

Compared with Nordic and "Euro-American" competitors Asian companies are more extroverted. This and other characteristics of the firms' innovation processes can explain why and how Asian companies are increasingly emerging as winners in the global competitive markets.
22. January 2013

NIFU has analyzed the innovation policy of the Programme for Regional R&D and innovation

The paper "Innovation Research in VRI - status and the way forward" that NIFU have prepared on behalf of the Research includes analysis of the thematic focus of innovation research in the VRI program so far.
16. January 2013

Contributes to more collaboration between industry and academia

NIFU evaluation of "industrial" PhD scheme shows that it works well. Participants are satisfied with the arrangement and intentions of it seems to be true. NIFU recommend that Research continues profiling work, especially to universities and colleges where the scheme is relatively unknown. Make it more famous among institutions, this could trigger several applications.
16. January 2013

What distinguishes primary schools that do well on national tests?

Good primary schools have huge educational scope with a teacher-directed profile in teaching, a pleasant, inclusive, supportive, timely and professionally focused teaching and learning environment, a greater number of hours than the minimum set by the school authorities and a well-developed information technology infrastructure, according to research.
15. January 2013

Minimal need for changes

Project funding from the Swedish National Bank Jubilee Fund distributed in line with the target. On behalf of the Swedish National Bank Jubilee Fund (RJ) has NIFU conducted a study of RJs project support.