9. March 2018

The role of cognitive skills and formal education in explaining adult employment

What matters most for adult employment – is it cognitive skills or formal education? The answer depends on which country we are looking at.
15. January 2018

– Use local capabilities in green restructuring

The economic restructuring of Norway must take into account the local capabilities of each Norwegian region, both in terms of knowledge and of physical resources.
7. December 2017

2017 Report on Science & Technology Indicators for Norway

The abridged English version of the 2017 Report on Science & Technology Indicators for Norway is now published.
8. November 2017

High completion in continuing education program in math

This evaluation highlights different aspects of the MatematikkMOOC continuing education provision across two levels: the management level and the user level.
10. October 2017

Seminar November 1.: On impact cases in research evaluations

What are the experiences with impact case studies? We invite you to a seminar to discuss impact cases in research evaluations.
25. August 2017

NIFU seminar September 18th: RCT – a method for education policy research

NIFU invites you to a breakfast seminar on randomised, controlled trials in education research, and how authorities may use research based on this method for policy-making.
23. August 2017

MOOC – from global to local

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) as an educational phenomenon is in constant development, both on a national and global scale. A group of NIFU researchers presents finds and perspectives on the topic in a new publication, with emphasis on two current and contrasting understandings of MOOC.
22. June 2017

Impacts of Norwegian development research

Norwegian development research is widely used and applied in various settings, both in national contexts and not least internationally.
16. June 2017

PhD Research Fellowship at NIFU dedicated to the study of Research Quality

NIFU hereby announces a vacant position at our Centre for Research Quality and Policy Impact Studies (R-QUEST). The successful candidate will be required to take part in the PhD programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences at UiO.