7. March 2017

Articles on HELOs and higher education in special issue

NIFU researchers Nicoline Frølich, Tine S. Prøitz, Agnete Vabø and Per Olaf Aamodt have published several articles in the latest issue of European Journal of Higher Education (vol. 52, issue 1, part I).
6. March 2017

Book chapter on the consequences of change in higher education

NIFU researchers Mari Elken and Nicoline Frølich have published “Pulling the plug in a bathtub: the big consequences of a small change in Norwegian higher education” in Policy analysis of structural reforms in higher education: processes and outcomes.
13. February 2017

Article on standardization in higher education in Europe

NIFU researcher Mari Elken has published “Standardization of (higher) education in Europe – policy coordination 2.0?” in Policy and Society.
9. February 2017

Article on the transition towards the bioeconomy

NIFU researchers Lisa Scordato, Markus Bugge and Arne Martin Fevolden have published «Directionality across diversity: governing contending policy rationales in the transition towards the bioeconomy» in Sustainability.
1. February 2017

The selection process for the Swiss NCCR is evaluated by NIFU

Overall the NCCR selection process is well organised, but some unclarities and ineffective features should be adjusted.
20. January 2017

Article on the relationship between training and innovation activities

NIFU researcher Pål Børing has published «The relationship between training and innovation activities in enterprises» in International Journal of Training and Development.
18. January 2017

Book launch: Teacher and librarian partnerships in literacy education

NIFU researchers Tone Cecilie Carlsten and Jørgen Sjaastad have contributed with the chapter: “A State-Run School Library Programme in Norway: Political Contradictions” in Teacher and Librarian Partnerships in Literacy Education in the 21st Century.
21. December 2016

Article on research groups in higher education institutions

NIFU researchers Agnete Vabø, Svein Kyvik and Ingvild Reymert have published «The establishment of formal research groups in higher education institutions» in Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy.
2. December 2016

Norwegian social science research on clean energy is expanding

There has been a marked growth of Norwegian social science research on environmentally friendly energy after 2008. Along with this expansion NIFU also observe a higher degree of cooperation and a more mature network of collaborating institutions.