7. October 2016

1.1 billion NOK spent on educational R&D in 2013

In 2013, 1.1 billion NOK (approx. €136m) was spent on educational research and development (R&D) in Norway. This implies a significant growth in the expenditure on educational R&D, from 548 million NOK (approx. €66m) in 2007, when resources for educational R&D in Norway were mapped for the first time.
3. October 2016

Article on measuring national research productivity

NIFU researchers Dag W. Aksnes, Gunnar Sivertsen and Kaja K. Wendt have published the article «Measuring the productivity of national R&D systems: Challenges in cross-national comparisons of R&D input and publication output indicators» in Science and Public Policy.
29. September 2016

Article on learning and innovation in organisations

NIFU researcher Dorothy S. Olsen has published «Are There Learning Agents in Innovative Firms? A Study of the Potential Role of Human Resource Managers in Learning and Innovation» in Journal of the Knowledge Economy.
23. August 2016

Report on structural higher education reform

Researchers at NIFU Nicoline Frølich and Mari Elken has contributed to report “Structural higher education reform - Design and evaluation“. Through 12 case studies, the study analyses how different types of system-level (or ‘landscape’) structural reforms in higher education have been designed and implemented in selected higher education systems.
10. August 2016

Research Contribution: What is the Bioeconomy?

As part of SusValueWaste work package 1, the research paper “What is the Bioeconomy? A Review of the Literature” was recently published in Sustainability.
30. June 2016

Article: Knowledge brokering initiatives in education – a systematic map of the Nordic countries

NIFU researchers Sabine Wollscheid and Vibeke Opheim have published an article in Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy, on strengthen the link between research-based knowledge and policy and practice.
29. June 2016

Article: Learning outcomes and quality assurance seen from the view of academic staff

Researchers at NIFU Nicoline Frølich and Per Olaf Aamodt and Professor at UiO Bjørn Stensaker have written the article «Learning outcomes – a useful tool in quality assurance? Views from academic staff» which is published in Studies in Higher Education.
29. June 2016

Report: Efficiency and flexibility in research funding

A new comparative study identifies ways in which funding agencies harmonise their instruments and review criteria, while still allowing for substantial tailoring of funding schemes. The aim of the study was to provide background information to the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and their ongoing efforts aiming at improving efficiency, quality and transparency in their funding instruments and operations.
19. April 2016

Article: How does digital devices impact primary school students’ writing skills?

NIFU researchers Sabine Wollscheid, Jørgen Sjaastad and Cathrine Tømte has an article published in Computers & Education. The article reviews the emerging literature on digital writing tools as computers and tablets compared with pen-and-paper, on early writing outcomes.