30. March 2016

Årskonferansen 2016: Fremtidens innovatører

Hvordan utvikle fremtidens innovatører i skolen, på universitetene og i forskningen? NIFU presenterer ny forskning 20. mai 2016.
29. March 2016

Ønsker å jobbe med forskning

Mastere med innvandringsbakgrunn har i betydelige større grad ønsker om å arbeide med forskning og planer om å ta en Ph.D. enn mastere uten innvandringsbakgrunn.
29. March 2016

How firm age is related to innovation activity

Firms are at their most prolific state when they are neither young nor old – but mature. At this stage in their life cycle, firms are both eager and able to introduce innovations.
9. February 2016

February 16, 2016: SusValueWaste seminar with Lea Fünfschilling at NIFU

Fünfschilling's current research interests are centered on understanding the dynamics of socio-technical change and innovation in infrastructure sectors (e.g. water) by focusing on different aspects of institutions, actors and technology as well as their interrelatedness.
12. November 2015

Moderat økning i FoU-innsatsen

Foreløpig FoU-statistikk for 2012 viser at utgiftene til forskning og utviklingsarbeid (FoU) beløp seg til 48,1 milliarder kroner. Realveksten fra 2011 var i underkant av 2 prosent.
12. November 2015

Book chapter on Phased implementation as a strategy for implementing educational policy in Norway

NIFU researchers Tone Cecilie Carlsten and Eifred Markussen have contributed to the 2014 Yearbook for the Consortium of Institutions for Development and Research in Education in Europe (CIDREE).
30. April 2015

The higher education sector is an important R&D performer in the Nordic countries

Research and development (R&D) within higher education amounts to almost a third of national R&D in Denmark and Norway; 27 per cent in Sweden and 21 per cent in Finland.
8. April 2015

Research visits the most commonly experienced form of international mobility

But job migration also surprisingly common. 57% of university respondents and 65% of institute respondents in the EU have experienced international mobility at least once in their research careers.
7. March 2015

HRM meets the challenges facing the energy sector

HRM actively involved in initiatives to meet the challenges facing the energy sector – but HRM should be more involved in developing business strategy.