19. February 2015

Different priorities between Scandinavian countries

NIFU has written an analysis of effects of demonstration projects in transition processes to sustainable energy and transport in the Scandinavian countries.
10. February 2015

Good avenues for online teacher education programmes

Teacher education programmes in Norway and Sweden are based on national curricula, which include digital competence. Student teachers are obliged to master the use of information and communication technology (ICT) for pedagogical purposes as part of their education. However, recent findings confirm that this aspect is poorly integrated within teacher education programmes.
29. January 2015

Technology learning or socio-technical experiment?

As well as providing scope for developing and testing new technologies in sustainable energy and transport, demonstration projects also function as effective inter-organisational learning arenas for participants, who have learned about technology, collaboration, project management and gained a much better understanding of the costs of implementing the new solutions.
15. January 2015

Poor labor-market conditions motivate students to stay in school

Together with Bjarne Strøm (NTNU) researcher at NIFU Rune Borgan Reiling has written the article "Upper Secondary School Completion and the Business Cycle". It has been published in The Scandinavian Journal of Economics.
9. January 2015

Article: R&D and innovation activities and firms’ survival

The journal Empirical Economics has published an article by researcher Pål Børing at NIFU, on the relationship between Norwegian firms’ R&D and innovation activities and their survival.
10. December 2014

Transition to the bioeconomy – a new large project

Over the next four years, NIFU will work on a large research project on the transition to the bioeconomy.
8. December 2014

Fulbright Program in line with policy for internationalization of research and education

The Fulbright Norway Program appears to be functioning very well in terms of objectives, management, and the organization of the grantee selection processes.
3. December 2014

Ecosystems under pressure

So concludes a literature review on the role of policy instruments for an environmentally sustainable and competitive Food industry. The review focuses its attention on the food industry in Sweden and in an international perspective, and covers developments after 1990.
19. November 2014

Book chapter on phased implementation as a strategy for implementing educational policy in Norway

NIFU researchers Tone Cecilie Carlsten and Eifred Markussen have contributed to the 2014 Yearbook for the Consortium of Institutions for Development and Research in Education in Europe (CIDREE).