20. May 2014

Swiss research funding: The researchers’ needs and preferences

A new report from NIFU maps the needs and preferences for research funding among researchers eligible for funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).
7. May 2014

Article: Measuring learning outcomes

Researchers at NIFU Joakim Caspersen, Nicoline Frølich, Hilde Karlsen and Per Olaf Aamodt have authored the article «Learning outcomes Across Disciplines and professions: measurement and interpretation», which is published in the journal Quality in Higher Education.
6. May 2014

Article: Effects of strategic change in Higher Education

Journal of Strategy and Management has published the article «Factors affecting the realization of Strategic change in Higher Education».
2. April 2014

Stable differences in citation impact between the Nordic universities and university hospitals

There are no significant changes in research profiles and research performance of Nordic universities and university hospitals since 2009.
5. March 2014

Research on adult learning

NIFU has been granted funding from the Norwegian Research Council for a three years project on adult learning. The aim of the project is to develop new knowledge into the relationships between adult learning and national systems of education and training and organisation of work.
26. February 2014

New statistics on doctoral awards

In 2013 there were 1523 doctoral dissertations at Norwegian universities and university colleges. This is an increase of 62 compared to 2012.
25. February 2014

In need of a clear strategy for aid effectiveness for quality education

There is a need to establish significantly clearer priorities for Norway as a partner in global education development, if Norway is to take global leadership as has been signalled by the new Norwegian government Fall 2013.
5. February 2014

University of Latvia visits NIFU to discuss possible cooperation

A preparatory visit from Latvia to NIFU is taking place to get acquainted and discuss the possibilities of synergy between the research and the scholarship components.
8. January 2014

Book chapter: How can educational studies contribute to our understanding of innovation?

In the first volume of the series New Research – New Voices NIFU researcher Dorothy Sutherland Olsen contributes with the chapter “How Educational Studies May Contribute to Our Understanding of Innovation”.