Primary & Secondary Education

Roger André Federici is Head of Research. Research in the area includes studies of all levels of primary and secondary education and training, including general and vocational education in upper secondary school, adult education and vocational training. Our research also includes the kindergarten sector.

Attainment of educational goals are of great importance both for the individual and for the society as a whole. Succeeding in school is critical for the individual`s opportunities in life, as education promote the development of skills, competence, and knowledge. A competent and educated population contributes to the maintenance of the welfare state and democracy. NIFU therefore studies the educational system from within a broad education policy framework. Through our studies, we aim to provide important knowledge and research results that contributes to the further development of the 13-year basic education and the kindergarten sector.

Our projects focus on key issues related to achievement and attainment, dropout, vocational education, interactions between education and work, school resources, students’ learning outcomes, counseling, teacher qualifications, special education, integration and performance of minority students, teaching methods, use of assessments, implementations of school reforms, trials, and special initiatives. We communicate our research at national and international networks, conferences, and in various forms of publications. Our researchers has conducted comparative studies in various areas of basic education.

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