Study on Education Quality and Student Learning

NIFU’s study on education quality and student learning for Norad aims to:

-Identify key challenges for education quality                                                                                    -Identify types of interventions that have shown the most successful results in terms of learning

The discussion and analysis emerging from a desk review and interviews with key specialists involved will lead up to a set of recommendations for how Norway should engage in the policy dialogue and orient its investment in the education sector so as to constructively contribute to, and accompany, countries’ improved education quality strategies.

The goal of the study is therefore to provide at set of key guidelines to Norway, as a partner to education internationally, on how to best support education quality and learning through the priority channels established by the Norwegian government.

project details

project number12820356
project leaderTone Cecilie Carlsten
project period01.08.2013  -  01.10.2013

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