Sustainable path creation for innovative value chains for organic waste products (SusValueWaste)

The SusValueWaste-project addresses these issues by analysing value chains inside and across different sectors of the bioeconomy. We analyse a number of industrial cases from different parts of the bioeconomy and collaborate with highly relevant industry actors. The aim of the project is to help policymakers better govern and regulate the organic waste industry and the industry actors to identify and exploit new opportunities in the circular bioeconomy.

  • The project is managed and coordinated by NIFU in close cooperation with research partners in Norway, Sweden and Denmark (see list of the whole consortium)
  • The project has a total budget of 40 mill NOK (4,5 mill EUR) and will run from 2015-2019

For more information, please visit the SusWalueWaste website.

project details

project leaderAntje Klitkou
project coworkersLisa Scordato, Espen Solberg, Eric James Iversen, Markus Bugge, Rannveig Røste, Dorothy Sutherland Olsen, Michael Spjelkavik Mark, Arne Martin Fevolden, Marco Capasso, Simon Bolwig, Fulvio Castellacci, Pål Börjesson, Anne Tanner, Olav Wicken, Valentina Elena Tartiu, Jay Sterling Gregg, Johanna Olofsson, Marianne Rist-Larsen Reime, Alexandra Maria Almasi, Andreas Brekke, Kari-Anne Lyng, Simon A. Saxegård, Bjørn R. Langerud
project period01.01.2015  -  31.12.2018
Budget4,5 mill EUR

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