Where does the green economy grow? The Geography Of Nordic Sustainability Transitions (GONST)

The aim of the research project is to gain a better understanding of how transitions towards green growth unfold in different Nordic regions and whether and how their respective development paths are conditioned by their pre-existing industrial, institutional and governance contexts. To address this objective, the research will be guided by the following main theoretical research question:

Why do some regions forge ahead in terms of transition processes towards green growth while others lag behind?

Translated into the empirical context of this project, the main research question is:
What place specific factors condition the emergence of green growth in Nordic regions?

project details

project number591950
project leader
project coworkersAsgeir Skålholt, Eric James Iversen, Marco Capasso, Markus Bugge, Antje Klitkou, Anne Tanner, Nina Suvinen, Markku Sotarauta, Christian R. Østergaard, Eli Fyhn Ullern, Håkon Finne, Markus Steen, Allan Dahl Andersen
project period01.03.2017  -  29.02.2020

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