A Better understanding of Interdisciplinary research in Climate Change

NIFU working paper 2013:15. This paper is divided into two main parts, the first of which reviews some of the literature on interdisciplinary research collaboration and categorises articles according to their contribution. Some studies suggest that interdisciplinary collaboration is only a temporary phenomenon before a new discipline emerges; others suggest it is a necessity in order to resolve global problems or that it is a new discipline in its own right or an important source of creativity and innovation within research. Finally, the articles developing methods for studying interdisciplinary research are reviewed and discussed. The second part of the paper reviews the development of the field of climate change and examines the increasing importance of collaboration both between scientific disciplines, between physical and social scientists and with other stakeholders. Finally, the potential contribution of taking an interdisciplinary approach to studying climate change research is discussed. The paper concludes that an interdisciplinary approach can indeed provide a new understanding of some of the challenges facing climate change research and that some of the methods developed to organise and manage interdisciplinary research and particularly the concept of transdisciplinarity may be particularly useful with this field. 

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Title A Better understanding of Interdisciplinary research in Climate Change
Category Compendium
AuthorDorothy Sutherland Olsen
AuthorSiri Brorstad Borlaug
AuthorAntje Klitkou
AuthorCathrine Lyall
AuthorSteven Yearley
publication year2013