Gender and Faculty Internationalization

This chapter addresses the issue of gender imbalances in the internationalization of higher education and research. In all countries, male academics tend to be generally more involved in international research collaboration and also tend to have more international publications. To some extent such gender disparities can be explained by academic rank and gender disparities among fields of science. While men more often teach abroad, women seem to be more involved in internationalization at home. We find, however, a correspondence between the gendered modes of internationalization and family-related variables as women academics with full-time working partners and children are less likely to take part in international research collaboration than male academics in similar circumstances.

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Title Gender and Faculty Internationalization
Category Academic chapter/article/Conference proceedings
AuthorAgnete Vabø
AuthorLaura Elena Padilla-González
AuthorErica Waagene
AuthorTerje Næss
publication year2014