Convergence of knowledge intensive sectors and the EU’s external competitiveness

wiiw-report 2012:377. The share of knowledge-intensive services and products in total output and demand and in the production of advanced, but also less advanced or emerging economies, has steadily increased over time and especially so for the knowledge-intensive services. This ‘quaternization’ of the economies not only points towards the rising shares of services but also stresses the role of knowledge-intensive services and their growing importance as sources of innovation and technology and as inputs into the manufacturing process. First the study documents the important role played by services in the EU as compared to the USA and Japan. Special emphasis is given to the role of knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS). 

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Title Convergence of knowledge intensive sectors and the EU's external competitiveness
Category Report
AuthorSabine Biege
AuthorMartin Borowiecki
AuthorBernhard Dachs
AuthorJoseph Francois
AuthorDoris Hanzl
AuthorJohan Hauknes
AuthorAngela Jäger
AuthorMark Stephen Knell
AuthorGunther Lay
AuthorOlga Pindyuk
AuthorDoris Schartinger
AuthorRobert Stehrer
publication year2011