Research & Innovation

The research area covers studies of research- and innovation policies, including bibliometrics, evaluations and studies of R&D and innovation systems. International cooperation and cross country comparisons are central elements in our work. The area is led by Head of Research Espen Solberg and counts 15 full time researchers and 7 associate professors from Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

 There is growing awareness that research and innovation are central drivers of societal progress and change. Our research aims at providing policy makers and society with independent research based knowledge about funding, priorities and organization of R&D and innovation. Norwegian ministries and the Research council of Norway constitute our main users, but our portfolio also includes a range of international projects and participation in a number of international networks.

Two areas stand out as particularly important research lines in our current portfolio:

  • Studies of research quality, based in our international research centre R-Quest, led by Dr. Liv Langfeldt
  • Studies of R&D and innovation in energy and environment, notably through the large scale Nordic project SusValueWaste, led by Dr. Antje Klitkou

Our expertise in bibliometrics constitutes a major methodological platform, where NIFU’s research group holds a leading position in Norway and is actively involved in international cooperation. The research area also has extensive experience in policy analysis, evaluations, qualitative analysis and use of R&D and innovation statistics. The latter includes close cooperation with the research area in Statistics & Indicators.

User dialogue and dissemination is a central perspective throughout all activities. We organize regular seminars and workshops and publishes the quarterly journal Forskningspolitikk (research policy), with articles in all three Scandinavian languages.

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