Research Personnel Register

This register covers researchers/university graduated personnel that participates in R&D at Norwegian higher education institutions, as well as research institutes, health trusts and other institutions with R&D activity in the Government sector. The register is based on regularly reports from the institutions to NIFU and includes information on position, age, gender, educational background (ISCED level 7 and 8) and work place (institution/faculty/department/field of science). Only personnel with a job share of 40 percent or more are included in the register. The register is part of the national R & D statistics.

The register was established in 1965, with data back to 1961. Then data are available for 1965 and each year until 1970. After this is data for 1972, 1974 and 1977. From 1977 the register is available in an electronic form, and is updated every second year until 2007. The register has been updated annually from 2007.

The Research Personnel Register is an important source of data for statistics and research regarding gender balance and mainstreaming in academia, analysis of various disciplines and sectors, age structure, educational background and studies of the academic field and distribution by field of science, as well as recruitment analysis.

Publications where data from the Research Personnel Register is used in the analysis: