Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Degrees Register in Norway

Data on earned doctoral degrees in Norway are compiled in the Doctoral Degree Register of NIFU, including all doctoral and licentiate awards from all Norwegian institutions through the ages. The data include type of degree (title), at which institution and in which year the degree was awarded, the field of science of the dissertation, and the educational background of the doctor. The data are applied for statistical and scientific purposes only. No data on individuals are published. The register is updated regularly twice a year from information supplied by the awarding institutions.

Earned Doctoral degrees in Norway 1980-2013 – downloadable in excel or pdf format.

Contact for doctoral statistics: Bo Sarpebakken

Doctoral Degrees i the Nordic Countries and the Baltic

NORBAL presents doctoral degree statistics for all the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Contact for NORBAL: Hebe Gunnes