Who performs R&D in Norway?

Industrial sector
The sector includes private enterprises and other units producing products or services for sale on the open market.
In this context the R&D statistics of the sector are presented as a component in the total Norwegian national R&D statistics. Detailed R&D statistics for the industrial sector is prepared an published by Statistics Norway.

Higher Education Sector
The sector include universities, specialized university institutions, and – from 1995 – all university colleges. The former regional colleges, now incorporated in the university colleges, were included also before 1995.

Institute sector
This sector includes all research institutions and other institutions with a R&D component (smaller og larger) included its activities, provided the institution is classified neither as industry nor higher education. The institute sector is heterogeneous as to the magnitude, objective, and disciplinary profile of the institutes, as well as concerning the societal sectors they serve. The Norwegian sector classification differs somewhat from the OECD classification.