Nordic R&D Statistics

On these web sites NIFU has collected available Nordic statistics on R&D (research and experimental development). Data sources are the national producers of R&D statistics in the Nordic countries as well as OECD’s Main Science and Technology Indicators and Eurostat.

In all the Nordic countries the production of R&D statistics is based on the OECD Frascati Manual, 2002. Still there will be national adaptations to guidelines that may help to explain differences in the R&D statistics. The Nordic producers of R&D statistics try to make the statistics as comparable as possible and are cooperating on methodological issues.

The countries were also involved in OECD’s work on the Frascati Manual revision (guidelines for producing R&D statistics). Currently the group is working on a comparison of the production of R&D statistics in the R&D performing sectors based on the Eurostat Quality reports.

Contacts for Nordic R&D statistics at NIFU: Kaja Wendt and Marte Blystad