Survey of recruitment and mobility of academic staff at Norwegian higher education institutions

The recruitment of researchers and academic staff to higher education institutions is of high importance. Who is recruited into the Norwegian academia today, will determine how academia will look like for many years to come. We know there are differences between disciplines and institutions in the number of applicants for vacancies, and in the background of the candidates, but we have little updated knowledge about the situation. The Ministry of Education and Research has therefore taken an initiative to map the recruitment and mobility in Norwegian higher education institutions. The project is carried out by NIFU, in collaboration with the Institute for Social Research (ISF).

The project includes analyses of register data as well as qualitative case studies, but also a statistical survey of the number of applicants for vacancies, the number of new employees, promotions and retirements, during the academic years 2016/2017 and 2017/2018.

There is no national register of the number of applicants to vacancies at the higher education institutions and / or cooperation between academia and their former employees. This data will therefore be collected directly from the institutions. NIFU seeks to obtain statistics on vacancies, new appointments, promotion and retirement/leave through a survey. To obtain comprehensive statistics on recruitment and mobility in the Norwegian academia, NIFU is dependent on receiving responses from all units in the survey. Aggregated results from the survey will be available to the institutions, and NIFU will compile the statistics and forward it to the institutions as soon as possible after the survey has been completed.

A letter from the Ministry of Education about the survey (in Norwegian) can be found here.

Here you will find a PDF of the questionnaire: In Norwegian. In English.

The project has been approved by NIFU’s Data Protection Official for Research – Norwegian Center for Research Data. All information gathered in the project will be treated confidentially, and data that enables identification of individuals will not be available, as all statics will be presented as aggregates. The project will end in 2019.

The questionnaire was sent to Heads of Departments in week 36, with a deadline by November 15th.

Nicoline Frølich is the Project Manager at NIFU. Inquiries about the survey can be directed to Hebe Gunnes:

Project staff at NIFU:
Nicoline Frølich (Project Manager)
Hebe Gunnes
Rune Borgan Reiling
Marte Ulvestad
Silje Marie Tellmann
Lars Lyby