6 sep 2018

Frokostseminar 26. september: Bioteknologiske muligheter i bryggeriindustrien

Velkommen til frokostseminar med Tekna Biotek i samarbeid med SusValueWaste og NIFU. Her vil du få vite mer om mulighetene for bioteknologi i bryggeriindustrien.

Sted: Ingeniørenes Hus: Kronprinsensgate 17, Oslo, 4 etg. Rom: Darwin.
Tid: 26. september 2018, kl. 08.00-09.30

In this seminar NIFU, Nordic Institute for studies in Innovation, Research and Education will show us some of the results from the research project: Sustainable path creation for innovative value chains for organic waste products (SusValueWaste).

Michael Mark from NIFU will tell us more about how biotech can innovate the brewery industry. This industry handles enormous amounts of mask, the rest-material from the brewing process. For the last 100 years, there has been little innovation in how the mask has been used, but biotech can change this. Instead of considering mask as a waste product, it could become the key for creating new value chains and turn costs into profits.

This seminar is a part of the European Biotech week. The European Biotech Week comprises a weeklong series of events celebrating biotechnology, an innovative and vibrant sector launch. Tekna have now for three years arranged seminars in collaboration with European Biotech week and put Norway on the map together with 13 other countries. Follow the live stream of this seminar, link will soon be published

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