27 aug 2018

Workshop: How to Create Successful Online Learning Programs and Videos?

Hvordan lage nettbasert utdanningsmateriale med videoer, av høy kvalitet?

Sted: NIFU, Tøyen, Økernveien 9
Tid: 5. september 2018, kl. 13.00-17.00

The workshop is led by Oslo EdTech, with NIFU as host.

This workshop will describe the key elements behind the making of high quality educational online educational materials that include videos. We will cover basic equipment needs; dissect a sample script; review common mistakes in filming; and discuss time-saving production practices.

We will also cover the use of metaphor; the importance of motion and visual surprises; and the use and power of illustrations, animations, and humor.  We will also describe how to make interactive materials such as discussion forums and assignments more vibrant. Plenty of ideas, examples, and active exercises to help e-learning specialists use these key concepts will be provided.

This course is taught by Professor Barbara Oakley, who has made one of the world’s most popular massive open online courses, Learning How to Learn, with over 2 million registered students.

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