Digital competence in teacher education

Digital competence includes several approaches and understandings when referred to in educational contexts. In teacher education one central approach could be stated to be “to be capable to teach with and through Information and Communication Technology (ICT)”. In Norway the national curricula in teacher education has recently been reformed and now it includes digital competence as one out of five basic competences1. With this in mind, the present work aims to elaborate on how teacher education institutions handle the uptake of digital competence within teacher education programs. Methodological approaches include document analysis of national and local frameworks and institutional strategies in teacher education programs along with interviews with managers and groups of teachers within teacher education institutions in Norway. Key findings are that digital competence lacks acknowledgement from the management side; few teachers use ICT in teaching, and this affects how student-teachers are trained in digital competence. Together all this influence the implementation of digital pedagogies within the teacher educational programs.


Tittel Digital competence in teacher education
ForfatterCathrine Edelhard Tømte