Factors affecting the realization of Strategic change in Higher Education

– The purpose of this paper is to identify those factors that key actors in university governance hold as to be important in realizing strategic change within their institutions.

– Key decision-makers in 26 European universities were surveyed on their views on which factors bring about strategic change. The results were interpreted using a theoretical framework emphasizing organizational archetypes and their development.

– The findings indicated that strategic changes in universities were perceived as highly dependent on leadership, decision-making procedures, communication and evaluation. However, some differences between the universities in the sample can be identified, supporting indicating the relevance of using organizational archetypes as an analytical tools for observing change within the higher education sector.

– The study links organizational level developments on strategic management to macro-level change within the European higher education landscape, and provides new insights intoon the debate on convergence and differentiation in organizational fields.


Tittel Factors affecting the realization of Strategic change in Higher Education
ForfatterBjørn Stensaker
ForfatterNicoline Frølich
ForfatterJeroen Huisman
ForfatterErica Waagene
ForfatterLisa Scordato
ForfatterPaulo Charles Pimentel Botas