Institutional Governance Structures

A great deal of effort has been undertaken to structure and organize higher education institutions in line with national policies, often inspired by international policy shifts. The influence of these policy shifts has been interpreted in several ways, with two dominant arguments prevailing (see, for example, Amaral, Jones and Karseth, 2002; Amaral, Meek and Larsen, 2003; Amaral et al., 2009; Huisman, 2009; Paradeise et al., 2009). On the one hand, studies focus on the similarities of the reforms and their similar influence on higher education institutions. On the other hand, national path dependencies and reform trajectories are emphasized. To provide an update on the influence of reforms on higher education institutions, a global literature review is presented. The review examines one key feature of higher education reforms: the changes in institutional governance structures.


Tittel Institutional Governance Structures
Joakim Caspersen
Nicoline Frølich