Evidence-informed policy and practice in the field of education: The dilemmas related to organizational design

Forfattere: Sabine Wollscheid; Bjørn Stensaker; Markus Bugge.

Tidsskrift: European Education.

Evidence-informed policy and practice has been a trend as part of an effort to increase the use of research to improve education at all levels. In many countries, knowledge-brokering initiatives were established to stimulate links between research, policy, and practice. Drawing on a mapping of initiatives in seven countries, this article describes different organizational designs, and discusses potential dilemmas these might imply for the realization of these organizations’ roles. Given different interests involved, the article shows that organizational design is crucial for enhancing legitimacy. Findings indicate a trend toward locating the knowledge-brokering function in a combined policy–science logic.


Tittel Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice in the Field of Education: The Dilemmas Related to Organizational Design
ForfatterSabine Wollscheid
ForfatterBjørn Stensaker
ForfatterMarkus Bugge