Gender balance among researchers in Norwegian academia

NIFU Insight 2020:20/NIFU Innsikt 2020:20.

Authors:  Frøydis Sæbø Steine;  Hebe Gunnes; Kaja Wendt.

In 2019, almost 37,500 researchers participated in research and development (R&D) in the higher education sector and the institute sector combined. Among these, 49 per cent were women. Compared with the gender distribution in 2009, where women accounted for 43 per cent of researchers, the female proportion has increased by 6 percentage points. In the institute sector, women accounted for 45 per cent of researchers in 2019, while there was gender balance among researchers in the higher education sector. At the health trusts, the proportion of women among the researchers and personnel who participated in R&D was 53 per cent.


Tittel Gender balance among researchers in Norwegian academia
Faglig ansvarligFrøydis Sæbø Steine
Faglig ansvarligHebe Gunnes
Faglig ansvarligKaja Kathrine Wendt