Lower growth in Nordic R&D activity

NIFU Innsikt 2021:17.

Forfattere: Kaja Wendt; Frøydis Sæbø Steine.

Recent figures from the Nordic producers of R&D statistics show that approximately NOK 475 billion was spent on research and experimental development (R&D) in the Nordic region in 2020. Adjusted for inflation, this equals an overall increase from 2019 of just over 3 per cent. Sweden had the strongest real growth in 2020, followed by Finland and Denmark. Norway and Iceland had almost zero growth in R&D expenditure. Sweden also had the highest R&D share of GDP at 3.53 per cent.


Tittel Lower growth in Nordic R&D activity
Kaja Kathrine Wendt
Frøydis Sæbø Steine