Calling energy inequalities into the transition agenda

Forfatter(e): Antje Klitkou, Przemysław Pluciński, Mariusz Baranowski og Ilona Otto M.

Tidsskrift: Energy Research & Social Science

Sammendrag: The presented perspective paper delivers insights into the complex problem of energy inequalities in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The war resulted in a loss of stability in Europe’s energy system and increased social issues and difficulties in meeting energy transition targets. The perspective presented calls for a broader framework for analyzing energy inequalities. It delivers an attempt at such a framework through which three specific cases of energy transitions—Norway, Germany, and Poland—are investigated. These countries represent three energy regimes, different socioeconomic and energy systems, and face other challenges. Despite these differences, the outbreak of the war shows the need for a common policy agenda to avoid negative repercussions, such as social cohesion crises. Therefore, this paper argues that European solidarity, energy justice, and coherent policies are prerequisites if the goals of climate neutrality, energy stability, and a just energy system are to be achieved in each country and Europe.

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Tittel Calling energy inequalities into the transition agenda
Antje Klitkou
Przemysław Pluciński
Mariusz Baranowski
Ilona Otto M.