Subject Assessments for Academic Quality in Denmark

With a dual purpose related to accountability and improvement, Denmark has had a system of external quality monitoring since 1992. Organised through an independent agency (EVA), systematic evaluation of study programs has been the dominant method for quality assurance for a number of years. By the use of data and observer triangulation, stability in procedures and through extensive dialogue, the evaluations have resulted in noticeable changes in teaching and learning, study program objectives, and triggered dialogue and reflection both within higher education institutions as well as between higher education and its stakeholders. In 1999, the agency responsible for the study program evaluations was made permanent by an act in parliament, and has since then expanded into evaluating primary and secondary education in addition to higher education. At present, the greatest challenge for the Danish national evaluation system is to adjust a well-functioning domestic system of study program evaluation to the emerging international trend related to accreditation and convergence in how quality should be assured in the international marketplace.


Tittel Subject Assessments for Academic Quality in Denmark
ForfatterBjørn Stensaker