Between Humboldtian Values and Strategic Management

This chapter discusses the changing mode of governance in Norwegian universities from the point of view of the Academy. The views of academics on working conditions, their influence in decision-making processes and the performance of institutional management are presented and discussed in the light of recent changes and reforms taking place in higher education. Norwegian academics are generally most dissatisfied with the availability of secretaries, research funds, and research assistants. Furthermore, we find evidence of tension between management and the academy, but not to the same extent as in national systems where strategic management has had more far reaching consequences for the allocation of power and resources, such as in Australia and the UK. Although seemingly having adopted a “hands-off” style of management at the national level, we argue that this is symptomatic of a situation where the Norwegian state still is an important actor, both as a resource provider and protector of academic autonomy.


Tittel Between Humboldtian Values and Strategic Management
ForfatterAgnete Vabø