Data sources and methods for compiling statistics on Diversity in Research

Data sources

There are two main data sources for these statistics. Information about research personnel in Norway is extracted from the Register of Research Personnel, a database operated by NIFU on behalf of the Research Council of Norway.

Variables on immigration status is extracted from Statistics Norway’s system for personal data (this page is not available in English) and register-based employment statistics from Statistics Norway.


The population of researchers and academic staff in the Norwegian higher education sector and institute sector is defined in the Register of Research Personnel (RRP). Data for 2007, 2010, 2014 and 2018 and have been extracted and merged with data from Statistics Norway’s registers.

A person may be registered several jobs in the employment statistics. Thus, when the RRP data are merged with the register-based employment statistics, we first select the job with the same organization IDnumber for companies. If we do not find an employment relationship with the same organization number at the company, the main job in the register is used.

The minimum requirement for displaying Diversity in Research data is normally a 25 people sample. In some cases, we merged groups and regrouped categories to fulfil this requirement. This is further explained in the R&D statistics bank, in a separate tab marked «Descriptions».

In tables that show distributions by higher education institution, we have used the 2018 organization of the institutions as a basis. This means that Gjøvik University College, Sør-Trøndelag University College and Ålesund University College are included in NTNU for the whole period.