Definitions in the statistics on Diversity in Research

What is diversity?

«Diversity» refers to immigration status. In the statistics on Diversity in Research, there are two main categories; immigrants and descendants of immigrants on the one hand, and the general population on the other.

Statistics Norway uses the following classification of immigration categories in their databases:

A. Born in Norway to Norwegian-born parents
B. Immigrants
C. Norwegian-born to immigrant parents
E. Foreign-born with one Norwegian-born parent
F. Norwegian-born with one foreign-born parent
G. Foreign-born to Norwegian-born parents

In the statistics on Diversity in Research, the immigrant population corresponds to category B. Immigrants, ie persons resident in Norway who were born abroad by two foreign-born parents, and with four foreign-born grandparents. Norwegian-born to immigrant parents, or descendants of immigrants, are persons who were born in Norway to two parents who were born abroad, and who in addition have four grandparents who were born abroad. These two groups (B and C) are merged into the category immigrants and descendants of immigrants in the statistics on Diversity in Research. For persons in the other categories (ie A, E, F and G), we use the term «others» to describe the population.

In the long run, we want to present a separate table of Norwegian-born to immigrant parents. There are between 110 and 190 Norwegian-born to immigrant parents in each of the four cohorts included in the statistics on Diversity in Research, i.e. less than one per cent of the total population of researchers. Currently, the number of descendants of immigrants among the researchers is too low to present statistics on diversity, beyond some key figures.

What do the statistics on Diversity in Research cover?

The statistics include researchers and academic staff at universities, university colleges, research institutes and health trusts. At the health trusts, only persons who have been involved in R&D activity in the selected years are included. Technical and administrative staff and support staff with higher education are included in some of the tables and figures showing total R&D personnel.

In 2007, 2010 and 2014, only persons with a minimum of 40 per cent position are included in the statistics. In 2018 the threshold for inclusion is 25 per cent position. In addition, it is a prerequisite that the individuals are found as employees in Statistics Norway’s registers, regardless of whether they are registered as residents or not in Norway.

We have extracted several key variables from the Register of Research Personnel, such as gender, position, field of R&D and institutional affiliation. Note that the field of R&D here is institutionally defined, i.e. the main field of R&D of the unit where the researcher is employed. Information about immigrant status, including country background, as well as employment conditions, are extracted from Statistics Norway’s registers.